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PT. Ataya Nata Walet is a company that produces and provides premium quality swallow’s nests which was founded on February 1, 2022 in Cirebon, Indonesia.

We are supported by an experienced team and the latest technological production equipment to produce the best quality swallow’s nests.

Apart from serving local customers, we have successfully exported our swallow’s nests to Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. We contribute to the global appreciation of our high quality bird’s nests.

We believe that providing high quality products will not only provide long-term relationships with our customers but also have a positive impact on the local communities around us.

We care about environmental sustainability, therefore the presence of our company must have a positive impact on improving the standard of living and economy of the surrounding community as well as environmental sustainability.

We are blessed to serve the best products to our customers and make a positive impact on our communities and we are excited to continue doing this in the years to come.

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